How It Works

SealtightTM, through its continued commitment to excellence, has maintained its position as the choice of industry leaders for decades. The proper combination of fastener and o'ring constitutes complete self-sealing assemblies that provide a perfect fastener seal in any standard or oversized clearance hole. Even under the most adverse conditions, a SealtightTM Fastener will withstand internal or external working pressures of greater than 20,000psi. When seal integrity is crucial, SealtightTM is failsafe, leakproof, and reusable, so when quality matters, the right choice is SealtightTM.

A SealtightTM Fastener is a completely contained self-sealing fastener assembly. It consists primarily of the fastener itself with a patented groove formed in the undersurface of its head, and an o'ring that seats and seals perfectly within the groove in its fully fastened position. When a SealtightTM Fastener is fully engaged, the outer diamteter of the head is in complete metal-to-metal contact with its mating surface, and the full volume of the o'ring is precisely compressed and contained within the groove.

Our engineers are happy to help you create the proper fastener and o'ring combination required for your application, contact SealtightTM Fastener. 1-800-969-4634