About SealtightTM Fastener

SealtightTM... When Quality Matters!

SealtightTM Fastener is a wholly owned subsidiary of B&B Hardware, Inc.

For decades, SealtightTM has provided self-sealing fastener solutions to the pioneers of industry. SealtightTM Fasteners are made in the U.S.A of the highest quality materials; this, in conjunction with its patented precision design, allows them to unequivocally outperform any other fastener sealing method on the market.

There's a reason industry leaders use SealtightTM Fasteners: they are the only product to provide a truly leak-proof seal against liquids, gases and vibration - even in a vacuum, or under high pressure. It is also the only product that can fully protect your innovation from environmental contaminants in any temperature range. SealtightTM Fasteners are reusable and available in all head styles and adhesive-free nuts.

When failure is not an option, SealtightTM provides serious solutions for serious designs.